Queen Bee

“As bees have a queen, so do the snow bees, and she is seen where the snowflakes cluster the most.” The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson

LAQ – Poppy bento Head 3.05 and Poppy shape (1,500L)
^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears (489L)
Fallen Gods – Frost Pearl skin (693L) @ Enchantment’s Snow Queen till Dec. 2nd
NO.MATCH_NO_ICE hair & crown (200L) @ Enchantment’s Snow Queen
*Naminoke* Frozen Poppy headdress & snowflakes (299L) @ Enchantment’s Snow Queen
Le Poppycock Queen Bee Pose “Cold as Ice” w/ bees (199L for a set of 4 poses w/ bees) @ Enchantment’s Snow Queen

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