Eat more cow!

In my little part of the world, it’s Thanksgiving folks…..a day of being grateful for what you have, helping others not as fortunate, eating till you just can’t move and watching the games on TV.  I spent all day yesterday teaching kidlets how to bake pies and bread.  Ava (8), made the lattice topping for the pumpkin and apple pies while the tornado (who is almost 3) ran around with our guest doggie hoping something good would fall on the floor to eat (cause ya know, the 5-second rule holds).  Caleb (16) who currently has an A in his culinary class made the apple, cherry, pecan and pumpkin pies and gave me a lecture on why you mix the dry ingredients separately from the wet AND why it is not cool to substitute willy nilly (I was not going to the store the day before Thanksgiving just to get ginger….I had cloves…it seemed like a reasonable swap).  Frannie (15), Bella (9), and Annie (6) were in charge of the peanut butter pies…I think they ate more than wound up in the shells…they certainly were covered head to toe in confectioners sugar.  I did the breads…all my mom’s recipes that I learned when I was their ages. Ava is on the spectrum and mostly non-verbal…she has maybe 10 understandable words in her vocabulary and she knows about as much sign language, but she has her own language and chatted away to herself, the pug and the strips of pie dough as she watched me make them and then did them herself…counting (she counts everything) as she put them on the pies.  I think she may have slipped some to Kimmie, the pug…cause I swear that dog was giggling.  It was chaotic and messy and loud and exhausting…..and I am so very grateful that I am lucky enough to have these heathens in my life.  🍂

Anyway, this turkey from Jinx…the one holding the sign (I made the sign, it doesn’t come with the turkey) is crazy pants.  Never stops moving or gobbling…it was cracking me up when I was setting the shot.  She’s available at We Love Role-Play right now for 300L and comes in a wandering version and a companion version…and she will make you smile and want to save all the turkeys ❤

So I did this post ahead of time and scheduled it to pop in today, I doubt I’ll be on (cause ya know…cooking, eating, cleaning, eating, games, eating…) but Happy Thanksgiving….whether you celebrate it or not…..may your day be filled with joy and pie…..lots of joy but mostly pie ❤

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