Little Worlds

8f8’s Little Worlds collection is coming to the Arcade in a few days.  This special ornament set has 1 rare (the tree, World’s Nest) and 12 commons (all the ornaments.  It’s worth noting what makes this collection so special….each ornament comes with a hud that changed it between 2 different surfaces and it’s core….a hidden world inside.  The hidden worlds all take inspiration from past 8f8 collections, so this one up top, Birth…comes from the little buttercups in the Empty Spaces collection.  If you’re familiar with ibi’s past sets…check out the vendor ad below and see if you can match the little world with the collection (just click on the picture and it’ll enlarge for a closer view) ❤

Also, as it IS Black Friday, I’ve been shopping like a madwoman…all from the comfort of my office at home.  I looove that everybody from Wal Mart and Target to Macy’s and Kate Spade (yeah…that’s for me) does Black Friday online now…no need to roll out the door at the crack of dawn to get those holiday jammies for $5.00.  I have actually scratched off the majority of my Christmas list!  Here in SL is no different…almost everybody is having a sale…some for today only…some throughout the weekend…you just have to check to be sure so you don’t miss out.  Make a list with notes…shop smart!  One place I hit up this morning was Cureless and picked up these cute tin hands and the awesome flower kissers tiara that comes with the hummingbirds (and they are totally moveable).  Select goodies are 50% off (unless you’re a groupie…then its 75% off!!), including gacha’s!!  Also…Truth…you know you need to go.  Kitten was 40% off (180L), I guess cause she’s new and the other ‘do’s were 50% off…too good to pass up!

01 – 8f8 Little Worlds – World’s Nest RARE coming to The Arcade Dec. 1st at midnight
07 – 8f8 Little Worlds – Birth ornaments coming to The Arcade
VCO _ Fairy mesh Head _ [Bell] _ 01
*COCO*_Doll_Slip Dress_White
/TRUTH/ Kitten Hair (180L)
CURELESS [+] Flower Kissers Tiara with sparkles
CURELESS [+] Tin Doll Hands / ROSEGOLD
-Garden- by anc “baby’s breath”{cream}
Del May Let me out pose (50L)

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