Night Divine

I have a fireplace…I don’t use it..unless you count piling in candles (that actually looks cool, especially when lit)… but I really, really like looking at (and hearing) a roaring fire.  Luckily there is this thing called youtube and brilliant peeps that have uploaded hours-long video of said roaring fireplaces with accompanying Christmas music.  I found one the other day that showed the living room/fireplace in Arendelle, home of Elsa and Anna (the kids really liked that one).  Anyway….here’s one of my favorite Christmas songs along with a nice fire ❤

Oh Holy Night

I have a million things going on at home right now (crazy right!?).  We do our own Teddy Bear Tea Party (complete with all the cool tea sandwiches) on Christmas Eve and we’re adding a hot cocoa bar this year….and there’s just so much to bake and decorate….and then ya know…..Christmas and all.  I’m baking pies all this morning and I actually have a hot date tonight…..literally and figuratively. I was invited to a King Cake baking lesson at a local bakery…so yayyy….the tea party may or may not have some yummy King Cake (fingers crossed for not botching it up in front of the date…or at least having him botch it up worse!).  My point is this…I don’t know if I’ll have anytime for another post before the holiday….so Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Enjoy Winter Solstice and Happy Festivus from the rest of us (please tell me you get that one). ❤

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{anc} my umbrella (fabric) frill
Soy. Snow covered woods
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