The light of the world is still here

One more pricey, messy, chaotic, joyous, calorie-filled holiday is in the books.  As much as I love the days leading to Christmas itself, I truly enjoy the day after.  Peace….true peace…even though that peace involves being pissed at the non-existent maid (aka fucking lazy ass elves) as I wander through the house picking up scraps of torn wrapping paper, stepping on tiny pieces of toys and wondering how the hell those glasses, left all over the damn place, didn’t wash themselves.  My mom used to stay up well after everyone left or went to sleep on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day cleaning up cause she couldn’t stand coming downstairs in the morning to any mess.  I don’t understand how I didn’t get that gene (I also didn’t get her genes for artistic abilities, perfect skin and teeth, adorable petiteness and/or white-blond hair and blue eyes….. c’est la vie).  On the plus side….I can stay in jammies and all the peeps are happy with the shiny new stuff and the plentiful leftovers (which, of course, I’ll be cleaning up after dammit). ❤

Here comes the letdown, Christmas is over
Here comes the meltdown, there goes the cheer
But before we have a breakdown, let us remember
The light of the world is still here

Day after Christmas – Matthew West

LAQ – Noelle Bento Head (1,500L)
LAQ – Natasha skin and shape – Free Group Gift!
DOUX – Lisa Hairstyle (195L for basic, 75L for deluxe (which you need to sweep both sides of the hair back) @ Shop & Hop) @ Shop and Hop (Aurelian)
Aleutia Zara dress (125L @ Shop & Hop) @ Shop and Hop (Aurelian)
dust bunny . christmas tree RARE (older “warm winter” gacha, 50L per pull or you can find it on the MP for ~1,500L)
Paparazzi – Snowfall Apartment A (299L) @ Equal10 till Jan. 9th
Manifeste Editorial 20 Pose (100L)

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