Life moves forward

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind – C.S. Lewis

Welcome to 2020 peeps!  Are you going nuts looking at alllll the affirmations, resolutions, memes and regrets everywhere!?!?  Some of the memes are cute (Baby Yoda!), some are clever (Gilda Radner’s Baba WaWa’s “and this is 2020”), some are downright stupid (too many to list).  Some peeps share their fuckups from last year and/or goals for this new year.  Setting goals is hard though.  Lemme rephrase that….setting goals is easy…sticking to them is hard.  I’m actually much better at keeping to my Lenten sacrifice…seriously…I gave up both soda and fast food in the past and have never gone back to them! For the New Year, I always shoot for just attempting to be a better person…which is kinda vague but achievable.  Just focusing on small imperfections (fuck the big ones…too much work), doing something I should have done last year (even if it’s 1 thing), swallowing the sarcasm and being nice to someone (that’s a hard one), toning back the WTF looks (sooooo hard), forgiving someone (even harder), suck it up and apologize (ugggg), learn from shit and make those lessons work for me(this should not involve stabbing), remembering little things that make friends and/or family happy and doing them, take more therapeutic time (just came back from Vegas AND just booked an Alaskan cruise and a Disney visit, so I’m already on this!).  It boils down to those meme’s (doesn’t it always!?) ….eat the cake, drink the wine, take the trip, buy the shoes, be nice (be nice isn’t on those meme’s, but it should be!). ❤

I truly hope good things are in store for all of us (even you) this year … let’s shoot for no regrets ❤

[KoKoLoReS] Hair – Judith, coming to The Liaison Collaborative Jan. 3rd at 3pm SLT
LAQ– Noelle Bento Head (1,500L)
LAQ– Ellie Skin in tone 1.0 and Ellie shape (both unmodified and unedited) (990L)
LAQ– Eye Applier #19 (100L)
LAQ – Eyelashes # 18 (100L)
^^Swallow^^ Charm Ears @ Kustom9 till Jan. 10th
SynCo – Celeste Caffeine Necklace and Earrings in silver, coming to The Liaison Collaborative
Luas Valeria Dress White Plaid (even though you can only see the top!)(229L) @ Kustom9
Manifeste Model 939 Pose (100L)

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