Beautiful Imperfections

Bob Ross… cloud loving, serene, talented and wise beyond measure, said it best…”It’s the imperfections that make something beautiful.”

Miss Daisy takes this knowledge of beautiful imperfection and shares her sage advice with Mr. Broken:

Mr. Broken: Choice?

Miss Daisy: Yes. You can stay here, for example, hiding in the dark thinking you are broken, afraid someone will see you as such.

Or you can accept only your hand is broken but you can still stand up and walk to the garden, see the sky and the sun and say hello to all my daisy friends.

Which one would you prefer for yourself?

iBi, also talented and wise beyond measure, had created this extraordinary collection for you to give a home.  Beautiful Imperfections is currently available at The Anthem Event…..and btw…the daisies are a group gift! ❤

In all the awwwww’s, please don’t miss the exquisite details….the falling teardrop and key butterfly/bowtie:

The inside of Petit yet Grown (where you have a choice of 6 wallpapers (this is vintage):

The roof of Petite yet Grown…the details never cease to delight me:

And the finial on the top of the build ….8f8’s delicate signature butterfly:

8f8 – Beautiful Imperfections – Mr.Broken & Ms.Daisy (2li, 169L) @ Anthem till Feb. 29th
8f8 – Beautiful Imperfections – Petit yet Grown (21li, 369L)
8f8 – Beautiful Imperfections – Tangled Glare (3li, 165L)
8f8 – Beautiful Imperfections – Daisies (1 li, group gift)
8f8 -Inside the Story (gacha collection)- Boat

*disclaimer* I stole Miss Daisy’s narrative from iBi’s Flicker, where you can find the entire story ❤

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