Love. Every. Day.

So Valentine’s Day is over.  Rather like any other holiday (IS Valentines actually a holiday??), many sigh that sigh of relief that the burden of pleasing someone is over for the year.  I’m okay with the day, I like buying cute little stuffed whatevers and chocolate and balloons for my peeps and I certainly do not turn down an excuse to go out to eat.  But.  Here’s the thing.  I don’t like the hype, the expectations, the questions.  I don’t like people asking me what I got for Valentine’s Day. If another adult is asking I always say herpes or salmonella… worth it just for the look on their faces.  If a student or kidlet asks, I say love….love is all you need.  Some get it, some don’t.  I don’t want to burst any romantic bubbles….but a heart necklace from Zales on one particular day of the year is not an expression of undying love.  If they think you may love that necklace and want to make you happy by giving it to you……give it on any random day…for absolutely no other reason than to just show you they’re thinking of you.  One day of celebrating love isn’t enough.  Love. Every. Day.  That’s the kind of love I want. ❤

And after all of that, I did actually celebrate love yesterday in a cute Italian restaurant that serves ginormous heart-shaped pizza’s on Valentines…. surrounded by the peeps I love….laughing and making a mess and debating on whether there was room for cannoli’s (pffft…there’s always room for cannoli’s).  But….I would do the same exact thing next Tuesday for the same exact reason….the only difference would be the shape of the pizza. ❤

*ARGRACE* UTENA [A] NEW….yayyyyy!!! (300L)
LAQ – Scarlet Bento 3.07 Head and Scarlet shape (1,500L)
LAQ – Hazel BOM applier in tone 2.5 (990L) (with added freckles, lipgloss & blush from the sliders on the LAQ HUD)
LAQ Eye Applier 21 (100L)
^^Swallow^^ Crossover Elf Ears (489L)
[Since1975] Princess Tiara (185L) @ Enchantment’s “The Princess Bride”
Addams // Zoe Destroyed Sweater (99L) from Shop and Hop on the Aurelian sim
Manifeste Model 919 pose (100L)



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