The secret entrance

If you’re looking for fantastical….look no further…The Princess Bride brings it home.  Enchantment steps up the game this round with everything Buttercup and Wesley could ever ask for ❤

Not gonna lie, the Teeglepet attachments kicked my ass for a hot minute.  I just couldn’t figure out how to get the tail and mane onto the horsey.  The Teeglepet isn’t a wearable avatar…it’s an actual rezzable pet (that you can ride if you want), so just wearing the attachments and choosing stuff from a HUD wasn’t applicable.  I did do that and looked pretty stupid.  This peeps is why it’s so important to read the notecards.  Once I did that, I quickly learned to rezz out and link the pieces together and voila…’s a fantabulous princess horsey.  I had both the original tail and the princess tail on so I just put her into edit mode, chose edit linked on the tail and made the original invisible.  There may be an easier way to do this….but hey…my way worked. ❤

Teegle – Aphrodite the Arabian Horse (Teeglepet) (1,500L or 6,000L for copyable version) @ Enchantment’s “The Princess Bride” till March 2nd
Cinnamon – Teeglepet Princess Tail (229L) @ Enchantment’s “The Princess Bride”
Jinx – Arab mane for Teeglepet @ Enchantment’s “The Princess Bride”
3rd Eye_ Secret Tree Entrance ( Decor, 599L )@ Enchantment’s “The Princess Bride”
[Harshlands] Insanity Ruin – Platform (Mossy)(499L) @ Enchantment’s “The Princess Bride”
[Harshlands] Insanity Ruin – Arch (Mossy)@ Enchantment’s “The Princess Bride”
[Harshlands] Insanity Ruin – Cairn (Mossy)@ Enchantment’s “The Princess Bride”
Garden by anc “bush for home” (green red)
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass 07 (Mesh)
HPMD* Sunlight

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