Finding Harmony


“Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein

When I’m in town (and barring crazy emergencies or parade/birthday/shower/crawfish parties elsewhere) my Sundays are set in stone.  My family, extended family and friends come to my house after 12 or 1 to cook, eat and socialize (not necessarily in that order).  Anyone’s welcome….especially if you know how to make something I don’t do well at.  Jaimie makes the best mashed potatoes and gravy, Becca makes the best white beans, Donna makes the best roast, I make awesome jambalaya.  My friend Evie makes the best when she plans to show up with her brood that’s what’s on the menu.  Ben though….Ben can boil crawfish that will make you cry with happiness….and peeps…it’s crawfish season and a beautiful crisp day out….so guess what’s on the menu today!?  The day is chaotic and noisy and messy and yet….harmonious.  All is right in my world on this day. ❤

It’s also Mardi Gras season, but the last few days have seen 2 awful tragedies at different parades in the city, specifically, someone getting run over by a float (which I have to tell you is soooo unusual and rare that the city and parade-goers are just freaking out).  This afternoon is Bacchus, which is one of the biggies, but 10 bucks says it won’t be as crowded as it usually is…I for one am staying in and reveling in the knowledge that I don’t have to get up and go to work in the morning.  Not to overuse the line from Indiana Jones but…..I chose wisely.  We have the whole week off for Mardi Gras and I am in full anti-plan mode. ❤

MUAH!!! ❤

Tableau Vivant \\ Zephyr hair – Blonds
Enemy: World Tattoo @ The Liaison Collaborative till Feb. 26th
Les Sucreries de Fairy* Harmony * Blue Dress 2 @ The Liaison Collaborative
Les Sucreries de Fairy* Harmony * Arm and leg warmers @ The Liaison Collaborative
Le Poppycock *Bright Ideas* Finding Harmony (Music) Pose and Props @ The Liaison Collaborative

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