Only the gentle

Only the gentle are ever really strong – James Dean.

It’s Lundy Gras here peeps…the night before Mardi Gras…so there’s much partying going on cause you know….come Wednesday is the Lenton season and something has to go.  I have given up fast food, soft drinks, cheese (man, that was hard), bread (even harder), chocolate, alcohol (both of those almost resulted in other peeps deaths) and all manner of stuff.  Nothing good ever comes of this practice though.  I’m just cranky for what….40-ish days.  I gave up being snarky for the new year and I’m doing really good with that if I do say so myself…..and believe me….I could do some serious snarking out.  I haven’t decided what to give up this year…perhaps makeup (god help everyone else) or men (pfft….as if)…or I could give up my go-to….brussle sprouts…or ALL cruciferous veggies….that sounds like a plan!! ❤

So, I need to explain the outfit.  I was looking for something to go with the poppies…not as easy as you’d think.  The poppies are from E.V.E and are at Enchantment’s “Princess Bride” right now.  They attach to you at different points and there’s a hud to change colors or make them animated.  They’d look odd with regular clothing (tried) so of course, I looked into my Boudoir folder for inspiration and came across an older outfit, Poison Ivy.  How old you say?  The mesh pieces are in sizes …. xsm, sm, m, lg….you get the idea (so what, they still work).  The hair though…..the hair with the vines wrapped in it is beyond awesome and really sets the outfit off!  The tattoo I just got this morning.  It’s called “Love Letters” and is made by Nile Karas of Flower Dreams.  It comes in red and black…. I’m wearing the red and loooove how it has a slightly holographic look to it.  It goes all the way down one leg to the ankle and all the way around the back…..and it’s just cool looking. ❤

LAQ – Scarlet Bento Head and shape
LAQ – Hazel applier in 2.5 tone
Boudoir – Poison Ivy hair decoration
Boudoir – Leaf bra
Boudoir – Arm vine
E.V.E VIRTUAL POPPIES Chest @ Enchantment’s “The Princess Bride” till March
E.V.E VIRTUAL POPPIES Neck @ Enchantment’s “The Princess Bride”
E.V.E VIRTUAL POPPIES Back @ Enchantment’s “The Princess Bride”
Flower Dreams – Love Letter Tattoo (200L) @ Swank till Feb. 29th
The Half Moon Market – Clockwork Bee
{anc} ivy wall {green}

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