Uncertain Future

This shot was taken in the part of my land we always called the homeless shelter … it’s a scattering of Darth’s junk (literally), Jarath’s shit he never picked up, Mae’s adopted pets and my forlorn/rundown contributions.  I literally just keep adding more junky stuff as I come across it so it is quite the hodgepodge of “holy shit, wtf” decor.  The fences from NOMAD (out now at Kinky….and when you see the adult animations you see why) and the LORE merchants shack are now part of the apocoscape.  Please do stop by and wander ❤

BTW, the merchant’s shack is out at We Love Role-Play, which closes tonight, but I’ve no doubt LORE will have it at their main store afterward (I added the lm).  The sheet/tarp/sign on the side can easily be modified to say or depict whatever you want.  LORE has added the AO texture in the package, so you can upload it to whatever graphics thingie you use and add to it (there are instructions in the package that walk you through how to do all this).  I put save yourself just for the fun of it, faded it out and added some dirt.  Easy squeezy. ❤

The futuristic cyberpunkish outfit from AiShA is at the newest LootBox right now and comes with these super cool body lights that go on the arms and back ❤

Bauhaus– Ella – Hat/Goggles – Fem BLACK
Sintiklia – Bangs for Trinity hair (just wearing the bangs, the hairs out for 60L Happy Weekend SALE!)
.AiShA. Kay Sunglasses Blue (50L per play) for LootBox till March 18th
.AiShA. Kay Top Black for LootBox
.AiShA.Kay Pants Black for LootBox
.AiShA. Kay Arms, Back Light Blue for LootBox
Endless Pain Tattoos– Akela Tattoo (263L) @We Love Role-Play (closes tonight, the 29th!)
Bauhaus– Cypriss’s Apocalypse Gun
Bauhaus – Ella / Dust Bullet FEMALE
NOMAD// Junkyard Fence (450L as decor, 600L for adult) @ Kinky till March 22nd
{LORE}Merchant Shack (225L) @ We Love Role-Play
HPMD* WildGrasses – a
DRD – San Mora – Building – C (overgrown)
20.DRD MM2 Pile of chairs 1 c/m
DRD– GG – Junk Yard Signs – Fix It Jesus
Le Poppycock– Altered States – Uncertain Future Pose

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