Belleza dropped a new applier for the Genus head the other day at UBER.  Darcey is compatible with the Genus mesh heads and is available in all 7 skin tones and includes matching BOM system skin, shape, brow shape, matching Omega body applier and 5 brow options. You can check out the tones below. ❤

In other news, the other day, somebody in FB said their pet peeve was putting the color black only in the Fat Pack.  I’m going to have to high five them on that call.  It doesn’t happen to me often since I don’t seem to go for the more popular colors but …. and seriously…I’m not a fan and I’m not paying a ridiculous amount of Lindens if the 1 color (or thing) I happen to be drawn to is being held hostage.  If I don’t love another color (or thing) I don’t drop the Lindens.  My case in point, the tram hair that’s currently at Equal10.  It’s a super cute ‘do with a super cute beret…which is NOT optional by the way, you can’t wear the hair without the beret. The beret itself comes in black….period…unless of course, you buy the fat pack….then you get a hud that gives you 18 color choices (I would have picked the beige or maroon given the choice as I gravitate to white and/or earthy colors).  I am pretty fond of tram and do sometimes buy the fatpack if I know I’ll wear it bunches of times and want the options….but I’m not paying over double so that I can change the beret to beige.  I dropped the 350L for my regular color pack (B, which I love) and will live with the black beret.  I wonder how many peeps bought the fatpack just for that option… or is it just me? ❤

All the other goodies I picked up on my Saturday morning sales adventures.  I have no idea how much the regular prices are cause I got them for 75L or less ❤

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face
Belleza – Darcey applier for Genus Head in Medium tone (599L) @ Uber till March 22nd
CAZIMI: Facial Gems – Hearts
tram J0201 hair w/beret (350L for a regular color pack, if you want the beret hud you have to buy the fatpack @ 790L) @ Equal 10 till March 5th
.:Avanti:. Rae Choker
.Beauty Factory. Jana Top Peach
Flower Dreams – Love Letter tattoo (comes in red and black, both are 200L) @ Swank till Feb. 29th
Manifeste – Model 888 pose (100L)

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