NAR for Skin Fair 2020

Who’s excited about Skin Fair 2020!?!?  Truly, one of my top 3 most loved events of the year (right up there with Hair Fair and Fantasy Faire), Skin Fair brings in a massive amount of new skins, makeup, tattoos and body parts by amazing designers.  Spread out among 2 sims, there is bound to be something for everyone. Keep an eye out….Skin Fair 2020 opens this Friday, March 13th!  ❤

For my first preview, I chose a smattering of several categories to showcase.  The Lotus Garden Tattoo by Rainbow Sundae will be available in both black and white, fresh and faded, omega and BOM.  Rainbow also has a similar upper back tatt and a lower belly tatt…all original artwork. ❤

My shape is one of 12 that west end Shapes will have at the fair.  This one, Makayla, is for the Genus Classic head, but west end also made shapes for the different LeLutka, Catwa, and Genus heads…one prettier than the next. I have not altered the shape in the slightest and I’m wearing the brows that come with it …this is exactly what it looks like.  ❤

Monso’s newest ‘do, Mel, is out at FaMESHed right now and the bra and skirt were from my Saturday morning sales jaunt….I think I lurve them muchly! ❤

The new mesh ears, Wild Flowers, are by Andore and will also be at the fair when it opens on the 13th.  The ears come with a HUD that gives you soooo very many color options for the skin tone, flowers and metal colors AND come in both Human and elf shapes. ❤  Here’s a closer look:

Aaaaaand finally to the skin!  NAR Skins are sold by tone, with faces and bodies sold separately. Faces retail for L$1099 and bodies for L$349 and come with Genus applier HUDs as well as BOM system tattoo layers. I used the matching body appliers in the pic so you can see how well it blends to the head applier.  The brows include blonde, ginger, brown, black, and a no brows option (olive and caramel tones, the two current darkest, do not include blonde brow options). Also included on the applier HUD is HD lips, a set of natural lashes in black and in white for tinting, freckles, moles, and a winged liner. The freckles, moles, and winged liner are also included as BOM layers.  The body appliers are sold by tone…the HUD is omega-driven and includes options for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink. Also an installer for TMP Legacy (with materials), and BOM skins.  Nar Mattaru will be located on the South sim (Mallorca). ❤

I have not touched a single pixel on this face (or body for that matter) in any of the pics nor altered them in any way.  I was on high in graphics (not ultra, just high) and I was using annan adored optimal avatar for my windlight with no other lighting (not even face lights) inworld or during processing.  I did blend the ears where they met the head a bit only because the ear hole in the Genus head is so large and if I made the ears that big I’d look like Dumbo (I already think I may have still made them a touch too big……why have a hole there….why not just a smooth skin surface!?!?).  Anyway, I want you to see exactly what you’d look like with this shape and skin… click on any of the pics below to enlarge it…go ahead…inspect! ❤

Not for nothing….but a little bit of a throwback ….I kept looking at the olive tone pic below and I can’t help but see Xena, Warrior Princess … is it just me (do you even know who that is….am I that old!?  Google her!!) ❤

[monso] My Hair – Mel (245L) @ FaMESHed till March 27th
GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face
NAR – Aela Skin Applier in Glow tone (Genus + BOM) Coming to Skin Fair 2020 Friday, March 13th
:ANDORE: – :Mesh Ears: – Wild Flowers [Human] Coming to Skin Fair 2020
Rainbow Sundae – Lotus Garden Tattoo (comes with black, white, fresh, faded, omega and BOM) Coming to Skin Fair 2020
[west end] Shapes – Makayla for Genus Classic Coming to Skin Fair 2020
MEMOIRE – Press Bra Blanc
Seniha – Renee Skirt
Manifeste Model 921 Pose (100L)



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