Neomenia for Skin Fair 2020

Break the rules. Find your freedom. Live your life. 

Tell me you don’t love that face!  Skin Fair 2020 is right around the corner….Friday the 13th!  2 sims full of redonkulously gorgeous opportunities to up your avie game. ❤

This preview is for the Kiki skin from Neomania…a new one for me and I loooove her!  Kiki is made for the Genus head and comes in 5 tones…all of which you can see below.  I’m also wearing the shape and brows for Kiki with no editing whatsoever. The appliers match to Pumec body appliers, which can be purchased at their main store. ❤

The smexy sweater is Just Because (I just love saying that) and shows off the push-up Pumec body applier pretty nicely.  Here’s a shot a tiny bit further out so you can see where the sweater ends as well as a closer look at the Rock On necklace by riseDesign that’s available at The Liaison Collaborative right now. The adorable hair is tram and can be found in their main store. ❤

And of course….the different tones of the skin itself!  You can click on any of these pics and they will blow up (not really) to the size of your screen….so you can look for nose hairs and such.  I do absolutely no editing or post-processing with lighting on skin pics….I use high graphics with annan adored optimal avatar windlight for all the shots….so what you see is what you get in a normal SL setting. ❤

tram J0109 hair (350L)
GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face
okkbye – Dolly eyelashes for Genus
Neomenia – Kiki applier for Genus Head, Kiki shape and brows coming to Skin Fair 2020 this Friday, March 13th
[ riseDesign ] Rock On Necklace (299L) @ The Liaison Collaborative till March 26th
Just BECAUSE Cami Sweater (249L) @ UBER till March 22nd
Manifeste Model 921 pose (100L)

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