Kooqla for Skin Fair 2020

Whatever you are….be a good one ❤

Countdown to Skin Fair 2020!  This Friday, March 13th is the day 2 sims worth of skins, heads, bodies, makeup, tatts, and accessories open up to delight and amaze you.  Here’s one reason to get excited….Signature is sponsoring a contest to give away 50 (female) Alice bodies and 50 Geralt (male) bodies!!  All you have to do is teleport to either sim when the fair opens, find the Signature contest kiosk and slap that mofo (or just touch it) … each avie can only enter once so make it count! ❤

Today’s preview is the gorgeous skin and makeup from Kooqla for the Genus head. Bell comes in 5 tones….here’s the default Coco tone with no makeup:

There’s an eyeliner pack and 3 lipstick packs….the 3rd pack has the very cool smeared lipstick ❤

It goes without saying that these pics are not edited in anyway whatsoever….no special lighting, no fancy windlight, no post-production touchups or effects … no tweaking the shape ❤

The eyes (La Malvada Mujer) and lashes (unstable) will also be available at the fair so you can mix and match till your blue in the face (someones bound to have blue skin). ❤

The spectacular hair is Stealthic and the teardrop (Inner Demons) and earrings (Dreaming Thicket) are currently at We Love Role-Play ❤

Feel free to click on any of the individual pics to enlarge them to see if I fucked up anywhere ❤

Pale Girl Productions website

Skin Fair 2020 Shopping Guide

Stealthic – Dawn Hair
GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face
Kooqla – Bell Genus head applier in different tones, body applier and shape coming to Skin Fair 2020 Friday, March 13th on theNorth Sim
Kooqla – Bell eyeliners and lipsticks coming to Skin Fair 2020 Friday, March 13th on the North Sim
unstable – Rue Lashes coming to Skin Fair 2020 Friday, March 13th on the South Sim
La Malvada Mujer – Lazarus eyes (3 colors) coming to Skin Fair 2020 Friday, March 13th on the North Sim
{Inner Demons} Cyber Tear Black @ We Love Role-Play till March 31st
Dreaming Thicket – Heliotrope Earrings @ We Love Role-Play
Manifeste Model 919 (100L)

Skin Fair Poster with Sponsors 2020

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