Melusina’s Depths @ FF 2020

Once upon a time, the city of Melusina was known for its enchanting maze of cobblestone streets winding past ancient castles, taverns and shops.  (stolen from Melusina’s page on the Fantasy Faire 2020 website)

Yesterday’s wanderings took me to the Melusina’s Depths, an underwater sim designed and built by Briony Writer & childofpreservex for Fantasy Faire 2020.  It is a visually gorgeous sunken city (think Atlantis) that the sea has claimed and nurtured.  There are several reasons this is just an amazing sim to wander. The first is it gives you the perfect excuse to pull out your mermaid (or merman) tail and accessories….you know your fly animation turns into a swim animation in Linden water….so why waste the fun!  Second….the design is so immersive and fantastical as you move through.  I am so glad I don’t understand how they pulled off the effects of being underwater…the lighting is amazing….as it all just contributes to the experience.  Third reason… opportunities!  rD made a guitar pic necklace for the event that is a must-have!  The cardboard sharks from Hilted had me at first glance….they are freaking adorable.  I know sharks aren’t supposed to be adorable but so what…these are.  They can hang out freely (they don’t swim around, they just bob up and down and look about) or attached to you as a companion…Bob will now be my FF buddy ❤

The biggest importance of these two purchases at the fair is that they are both in the official RFL vendors….which means 100% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society….that’s what this is all about after all. ❤

My shell bra is from ANTAYA and is out at We Love Role-Play right now (at least for the next couple days…hurry!), as is the cool tattoo from Nefekalum.  It comes in 5 different colors…blue was a no brainer for a mermaid.  My pose is from [west end] and is a new free gift for Fabulously Free in SL group members. It’s available now at the store and you have to wear your FabFree tag to get it (group joiner next to the gift).  There are 5 poses total in the pack that you get….# 1 is what I used for the main pic…check the other 4 out below, as well as the back of the Nef tattoo (side note….Bob has turned out to be quite the photobomber!) ❤

Now…onto some adventure pics!

The spot where this picture was taken (above) is not to be missed.  It’s right behind the main rezz in area and it is cleverly disguised behind the giant carcass.  If you look at the build at the bottom of the picture you’ll see an entranceway….which opens to a maze…!  Further back is a similarly disguised opening that harbors a colorful secret cave.  Above it, an amazing rotating sculpture (below). ❤

Tucked in a corner is the submerged statue of Poseidon/Neptune/whatever name Melusina gave to their god of the sea. ❤

If you’re swimming your way through the sim you will eventually find the magical walkway to the next world.  Neighboring Melusina on one side is Lamented Fens and the walkway up up up is just as magical as the rest of either sim.  Just remember if you’re swimming, the second you reach the surface you’ll be flying!  ❤

Annnnnd wait!  There’s another fun reason to visit Melusina…..the water slide!!!  Yes…waterslide!  If you’re over at the neighboring sim of Lamented Fens you can take a waterslide down to the depths…..I may have done this 5 or 6 times in a row just for the fun of it….it’s quite the adventure going underwater and landing in another world! By the way, if you notice those peeps floating in the bog plants there don’t worry…they’re not dead bodies….they’re floating mermaids enjoying some sun ❤

Tableau Vivant \\ Starry Night \\ Windy (older gacha)
^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears
LAQ Bento – Ivy 3.07 head
ND/MD – Boo skin BoM applier in Milk tone and shape for LAQ Ivy (820L) on the Cassiopeia sim for Fantasy Faire 2020 till May 10th
[ rD ] RFL Rock On Necklace (199L) @ Melusina’s Depths sim for FF2020
ANTAYA – Shell Bra (with color HUD) (188L) @ We Love Role-Play till April 30th
Nefekalum Tattoos – Consciousness – Blues tattoo (112L) @ We Love Role-Play
HILTED – Cardboard Shark – Painted Blue (99L) @ Melusina’s Depths sim for FF2020
[west end] – This Beautiful Life Pose 001 (main shot, # 3 for the closeup)

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