Cassiopeia @ FF 2020

“Cassiopeia – Beyond the Time” is a world in which time is non-representational, in which there is no hectic pace nor haste, and no deadline pressure. A world without complete decay, without illness and death. It’s a land of joy and loving memory and remembrance, a place to pause, where life decelerates and where completely new dimensions arise.  Cassiopeia by Sweetgwendoline Bailey & Mondi Beaumont. (borrowed (ripped) straight from the FF website)

On day 2 of Fantasy Faire 2020, I visited Cassiopeia, a shopping sim designed and built by Sweetgwendoline Bailey and Mondi Beaumont.  In true Fantasy Faire tradition…Cassiopeia delights the senses and transports the visitor to a magical realm far removed from normal. Also in true faire spirit, I dressed for fantasy.  My hair (AD) and skin (ND/MD) come from Cassiopeia and look like they were made for a fairy….so fairy it is (for the day….who knows what tomorrow will bring).  The Boo skin from ND/MD comes in blush, milk and light, AND works well with both LAQ’s Ivy head and Catwa’s Nora head….it’s worth a mention that the skin only comes in BoM…no appliers for the heads.  LAQ’s Ivy isn’t BoM ready, so you have to have the BoM relay from the store.  It’s on the left wall as you go in and it’s free….so no grumbles…..just wear it (and remember to take that head alpha off) and BoM away!   Shapes and brows are included for both heads as well as body appliers for all the popular mesh bodies .  The adorable Alter hair from Analog Dog is sold as a fatpack and comes with a mask (that you obviously don’t have to wear).  Both of these items are in RFL vendors, which means 100% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society…so it’s a win-win. ❤

Now!  Onto the pretty sim pictures that I took on my wanderings of Cassiopeia!

Yep, those are giant turtles you see to the right floating above the sim!  There are sparkly, magical walkways to get to each store, so you really don’t have to fly. ❤

Broken clocks are scattered about, carrying on the sim’s theme ❤

So….those lotus in the water….they’re more than just a pretty face (so to speak).  These are “remembrance flowers”.  Click on one that doesn’t have any floating text and a box will appear……write a little message in remembrance of someone special or make a wish…it becomes part of that flower as it floats through the stream.  I did one for my bestie Darth, who passed away a bit over a year ago.  Because of his Kidney cancer, he was sporting just the one kidney (and it was only working at 50%) but ironically it was asthma that did him in.  He was a force to be reckoned with and will never be forgotten.  Let’s fill up that stream with memories and wishes. ❤

Some of the merchant stores are nestled in hourglasses….some, like Analog Dog, rest on the back of a flying turtle ❤

There’s a nice space reserved for roleplay classes ….be sure to keep an eye on the schedule to see what’s going on (I took a picture of the physical schedule there at the spot…that big sign on the ground to the right)  Todays (4-25) schedule includes “Playing Psychopaths – a Practical Guide”!  You know you wanna  ❤

Flying is allowed….and will get you around faster…..but walking the magical path will delight you, calm you, and wipe your cares away for the moment as you discover treasures along the way. ❤

This…these fluffy little cuties being swept away by dandelion fluffies….is why it’s so important to walk the faire….you just never know what’s around the magical corner ❤

Analog Dog – alter hair (350L) on the Cassiopeia sim for Fantasy Faire 2020 till May 10th
ND/MD – Boo skin (BoM only), brows and shape (blush tone) for LAQ (820L) on the Cassiopeia sim for Fantasy Faire 2020
LAQ Bento – Ivy Head 3.07
^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears
*LODE* Head Accessory – Avril Crown [white] (50L per play) @ Shiny Shabby till May 15th
.:Avanti:. Gigi Choker (Open Collar)
[grixdale] Caged Mini – Silver/White
Caboodle – Sprite Wings – Bento from yesterday’s Fifty Linden Friday (may still be out!)
Del May – Mary Contrary pose (50L)

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