Queensgarden @ Fantasy Faire 2020

What happens when the Bard Queen sends a brand-new class of fae squires out on an errand?

Well, not the result she had in mind.

Gather seeds for my new healing garden, the queen said. But instead of seeds, the excited fae — who stumbled on a beehive overflowing with honey — came bouncing back with jar after jar of the sweet stuff. A little flighty, those fae. And far too fond of biscuits.

So what’s a busy queen to do? Send out a call for friendly adventurers, of course!

Answer the call!

Fantasy Faire’s epic story-based experience, The Fairelands Quest, is held this year on Queensgarden… a gorgeously immersive sim built by Gidgette Adagio.  It is not to be missed (and the plethora of quest prizes are quite the bonus!) ❤

You can pick up a Quest HUD at the landing point of any Faireland, for example here in Fairelands Junction. Don’t miss the DeLuxe version, which includes a specially designed Friend of the Fairelands outfit, created by Bee Dumpling and Solas Enchantment for Silvan Moon Designs!

(btw… totally stole most of the above blurb from the Fantasy Faire website!)

Soooo…..from the front….Aisha’s stunning gown and my favorite Analog Dog ‘do paired with the DaVinci wings from Static ❤

The massively epic spine from Wicca’s Originals ❤

And the cool arm tatts from Germinal ❤


Analog Dog– arra hair – splash
Wicca’s Originals – RX-01 Spine @ We Love Role-Play till May 31st
.AiShA. Venus Dress Gold (RFL Item, 100% donated!) on Melusina’s Depths for Fantasy Faire 2020 till May 10th
Static – DaVinci Faewing {Old World} on the Auxentios’ Pass sim for Fantasy Faire 2020
Germinal – Cracked Reality tattoo on the Auxentios’ Pass sim for Fantasy Faire 2020

No pose going on…I was just flying around the sim taking pictures ❤

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