Auxentios’ Pass @ Fantasy Faire 2020

The icebound town of Auxentios’ Pass is influenced by a plethora of wealth their land has given them, which granted them the ability to embellish their buildings and increase basic comfort on the streets against subzero climate. The heart of the pass bears a mine that drew all leading minds of industry across the continent to set their eyes upon, and turned this town of hardship into a trophy of humankind’s strength above all. This wintery steampunk town is both designed around survival and its people’s triumph over the burdens of this unforgiving pass.  Auxentios’ Pass by Faust Steamer.

Fantasy Faire 2020 closes sometime after midnight tomorrow night….so about 2 full days left….do you really want to miss this!?!?


Minding my business….calculating what it would take to destroy the evil robot overlord and thinking I’m hidden behind the lamp post, I repeat my oft used mantra over and over…”I am badass…I am badass”.  I do, after all, also sport robotic attachments (maybe it’ll think I’m a cousin or something).  Just when I’m convinced I win for badassness, into my line of vision walks a two-headed victorian wielding a weapon cleverly disguised as an umbrella. The evil overlord spies the threat and stands perfectly still….no doubt hoping to blend into the architecture so as not to be noticed.  I have been out badassed.

So there I was…facing down the evil overlord with nothing but my wits, great hair, and skimpy leather lingerie (I covered my robotic arms with human to blend in better).  I snuck up closer all the while mumbling my mantra and gathering courage for the task ahead when out of the shadows walks this floooofy unicorn colored vision…who proceeds to casually pass in front of the enemy without a care in the world.  The evil overlord does nothing….presumably frozen in fear.  I am clearly out of my league.

Clearly, some arm disclose needs to be shared.  I took the 1st couple of pics with regular arms…then thought about a tatt….then remembered the Eagleden arms from Wicca….and honestly…even though I preferred the robot arms, I didn’t want to go back and try to recreate the shots I already had.  Here’s a shot of the front of the Forge outfit and Tableau hair:

Annnd….just because I really liked this shot, even though I decided to go with the other for the main pic. :

The moral of this story is two-fold.  The sims at Fantasy Faire are without equal in terms of quality, innovation, fantasy, and immersive-ness AND if you stand in one place long enough…..the most interesting characters will cross your path.  Best people/creature watching ever! ❤

Tableau Vivant \\ Cotton Candy hair – Blonds @ Collabor88 till June 6th
[The Forge] Evelyn Shoulder Wrap, Brown on Lamented Fens @ Fantasy Faire 2020
[The Forge] Evelyn Bodice, Brown
[The Forge] Evelyn Harness, Brown
Wicca’s Originals – RX-01 Spine Maitreya @ We Love Role-Play till May 31st
Wicca’s Originals – Eagleden Arms
Endless Pain Tattoos – Veri tattoo in black
Manifeste – Collection 1 Pose

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