The Pavilion

Okay, so we all kinda know what a pop-up event thingie is?  Where someone rents a space for a day, a weekend, a week and has an impromptu store/restaurent/ whatever and then that’s it….right?  So Tres Chic has started a mainstore pop-up event and the 23rd was the start of the 1st.  I think (I could be wrong) they last for a week.  I can’t find much (okay…any) info beyond the little bit from the search I did inworld (it’s from the Tres Chic peeps) and on social media…I guess it’s that new….and I guess I haven’t seen enough stores advertising it and/or explaining it. ❤

Doesn’t matter….8f8’s involved and has an add on to his last collection, The Art of Nature.  It’s a gorgeous pavilion that is the perfect stand-alone or a great addition to any landscape.  The details that one comes to expect from 8f8 are all there….see below ❤

The pic above shows the pavilion from the back….no angle is left plain or boring…all the little details….like just a few boxes have designs in them….really make this build.  Also, notice some of the boxes have trees sprouting from them. ❤

The corners of the roof have brassy fish sculptures dangling a chained string of lotus and it seems some flowers have done their own sprouting in the gutters. ❤

And, of course, the 8f8 symbol is emblazoned on the front of the pavilion….little details peeps….it’s all about the details. ❤

What’s not to love right!? ❤

8f8– Art of Nature – Pavillion available for the PopUp Event at the mainstore  this week (325L)
05_8f8– Art of Nature – Grown Maple from the Art of Nature Collection (gacha, 75L per play)
8f8– Art of Nature – Bunch of Flowers (8f8 Group Gift…so freeeeee)
5 – 8f8 – Once Broken and Forgotten – Follow Me Stones from the Once Broken and Forgotten Collection (gacha, 60L per play)
Garden by anc “bush for home”B 1L (green red)
(Mesh)HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass 07
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass 08 -white mix

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