Written in the Stars

Written in the Stars is the newest collection from 8f8 and is out at Epiphany as we speak (till Nov. 12th).  The pieces are trademark 8f8…made to perfection with details that will blow you away.  I’ve come to expect no less.  This new collection has 28 commons, 2 amazing rares (the wagon and the telescope), an exclusive (potion samples…little dropper bottles), a VIP reward (steam pumpkin, look all the way below) AND a group gift (balloons, look to the bottom of all the pics) and is 75L per play.  Click on the main pic above to blow it up to screen size and then check out the closeups below to see all the great details! ❤

By the way….and I think I’ve been saying this way too much….I am getting ready to hunker down (for the 7th time in several months) for Hurricane Zeta….which should make landfall late this afternoon just to the west of me.  They’re projecting the eye to move past me with about a mile or so to spare.  Keep fingers and toes crossed that the cold front kills it’s ambitions (cause I didn’t even stock up on snackies this time) ❤

01_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Starwagon RARE @ Epiphany till Nov. 12th
02_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Stargazer RARE @ Epiphany
03_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Display @ Epiphany
04_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Crate @ Epiphany
05_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Magic Lamp (hanging on the wagon) @ Epiphany
06_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Price List @ Epiphany
07_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Star Chart @ Epiphany
08_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Old Maps @ Epiphany
10_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Compassion & Schadenfreude @ Epiphany
12_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Joy & Despair @ Epiphany
13_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Resilience & Anxiety @ Epiphany
14_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Trust & Suspicion @ Epiphany
20_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Leo Diary @ Epiphany
24_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Scorpio Diary @ Epiphany
25_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Taurus Diary@ Epiphany
30_8f8 – Written in the Stars – Scorpio Cup @ Epiphany
8f8 – Written in the Stars – Potion Samples Exclusive! @ Epiphany
8f8 – Written in the Stars – Steampunkpkin VIP Reward! @ Epiphany
8f8 – Written in the Stars – Balloons Group Gift! @ Epiphany
07_8f8 – forgotten secrets – treasured memories (from the forgotten secrets collection)
8f8 – Empty Spaces – Buttercups (group gift at the mainstore)

And me!
COCO doll body
VCO _ Fairy mesh Head _ [Pixie] _ 02
barberyumyumS07 ghost (mix) (hair-only)

Pose totally made up to accommodate what I wanted! ❤

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