Real Housewives of the Quarantine

When you need a manicure in the worst of ways and haven’t worn makeup in months, but you still wanna go sit outside and watch grass grow. ❤

Vanity Hair: Baller (main store is moving, check out the MP!)
Boudoir – Crown, Gold Old @ We Love Role-Play till Nov. 30th
– PENDULUM – OCCULTATUM Mask- Gold @ We Love Role-Play
[Cubic Cherry]x.TeaBunny. {Mystel} horns V2 SUN @ We Love Role-Play
(A)MAZE ~ Wild (Black) corset
DRD – Plague Skeleton Creature Hands 
DRD – Post apocalyptic Leg Prosthetic
Les Encantades –  Salome Henna body paint @ We Love Role-Play
Boudoir – Italian Gildwood Throne, Torn @ We Love Role-Play
DRD – San Mora – Quarantine Fence – A
DRD – San Mora – Quarantine Fence – C
Little Branch_Wild Grass*1Li {Dry}
Del May – Weary Listener pose

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