Dressed for success

The Liaison Collaborative is starting the New Year by shaking things up!  They have a new layout for the event AND they’re starting/ending on different dates now.  The event will now open on the 18th of the month (at noon SLT) and run for 3 weeks, till the 10th of the following month (closing at 3pm SLT).  The themes will now be quarterly, starting with Designers Choice ❤

Also, I did jump on the LeLUTKA EVO head thing a while back (like the rest of the SL planet), but I’ve been slacking when it comes to sitting down and spending time on it (sooooooo lazy).  I went with Fleur (and of course the free Lilly) and tweaked her body here and there, but honestly, I liked the default shape that was on the head and just did practically nothing to it.  I also liked the skin that came with Fleur, but I had picked up some EVO skins at the weekend sales in preparation so I could sit and play.  I went with WEN’s Alice skin in the Spring tone for this shot….it was less than 100L at one of the sales a few weeks ago and sooo purty! Those are the LeLUTKA eyebrows btw….I just looove them! ❤

Side note…..how gorgeous is this ‘do from Stealthic!?!?  I was at the store for something else and tried on the demo….had to have it ❤

I don’t do shoes much, but the Mosquito’s Way booties went so well with the BBK bodysuit that I just had to. The bodysuit does not have panties, the ones I’m wearing were in my inventory (didn’t feel like doing a vajayjay shot) AND the top has different levels of opaqueness to choose from (so yeah…there be nipples showing through). Both the shoes and the bodysuit will be at TLC when it opens tomorrow at noon ❤

The background from FOXCITY (75L) and the glorious coat from Rowne (60L) are each on sale at their mainstore for weekend sales….60L for that coat…I bought several! The weekends not over though…still allll day to go shopping! ❤

Stealthic – Cascade Hair
LeLUTKA.Head – Fleur.2.5 (EVO)
WEN – Alice skin, Spring tone for LeLUTKA EVO (previous weekend sale)
Amias – Coralie collar
BBK – Pam onepiece lace jumpsuit (BoM only) coming to The Liaison Collaborative Jan. 18th @ noon
Mosquito’s Way – Luna booties coming to The Liaison Collaborative Jan. 18th @ noon
Rowne – Olesya Lace Coat (weekend sale)
FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Superstition (Tricolour) (weekend sale)
Manifeste – Model 553 pose (head slightly modded)

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