Time to Bloom

Soooooo many things going on this weekend! Everybody’s ready to shed the layers and start the gardening and there is no shortage of shopping opportunities out there to help you along. ❤

Bloom 2021 opened this morning and is bringing Spring with it. The annual event ushers in the season with anything and everything that will help you “spring” up. From cute little bunnies to flowery corsets to spectacular builds….this is the place! ❤

The Liaison Collaborative opened day before yesterday and is also here to help with any Spring needs. It’s worth noting that it’s TLC’s 8th anniversary (right!?) and along with some great goodies, there’s a super cute hunt at the event to celebrate ….just look for the pinwheels….yayyyyyy! The skin I’m wearing below is from Stunner Originals and is made for LeLUTKA EVO (classic EVO, not EVO X). I’m wearing it on my new Avalon head that’s at the Skin Fair right now, and the X is an important distinction. You can wear any EVO skin on the new EVO X heads (the new ones out at Skin Fair), you just have to click the “classic” button on your HUD….it’s right here:

I’d like to point out that I figured this out on my own after trying to deduce why I had this bizarre texture on my face.  So you know….put the alpha on, take the alpha off, check for stray layers and/or alphas from other heads, click every damn button you see.  My next step was to go into group chat and ask for help….those peeps know everything.  Then I noticed the classic/EVO X buttons, looked at the skin in it’s folder and saw that it was a regular EVO, clicked the classic button and walaaaaaa…a face!  And a pretty face at that!  The scientific method saves the world once again. You’re welcome ❤

As for the Skin Fair…..still packed!  BUT…there are 2 cam sims, so it’s doable!

Some important things to know about the fair:

Now go forth and shop!! ❤

LeLUTKA EvoX AVALON 3.0 Head @ Skin Fair 2021 on the North Sim till March 30th
Stunner Originals – Carolina Skin, tone A11 @ The Liaison Collaborative till April 10th
Juna – Alessia tattoo (light) @ The Liaison Collaborative
{Limerence} Susan hair w/flowers @ Bloom 2021 till April 3rd
ERSCH – Monie Earrings @ Bloom 2021
~Nerido~ Ksyu Bra & Shirt @ Bloom 2021
VINYL – Copaiba Spring Shorts @ Bloom 2021
HEXtraordinary March Hare Fountain @ Bloom 2021
{anc} little bird / bird (three) 2Li white (gacha, 50Lper play) @ Bloom 2021
Secret Poses – Marguerites pot, daisies, and pose @ The Liaison Collaborative

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