LeLUTKA Avalon for Skin Fair 2021

You know why the Skin Fair is still packed? Everyone is going to buy one of the new LeLUTKA EvoX heads, that’s why. It’s a hard choice between the 3 out, and I’ve seen some amazing pics of each that make we want to get all 3, but in the end, I went with Avalon. Everybody’s nuts over the adorable elf ears (which are an option for all 3 heads), myself included….and you know what….they wiggle!?!? You can choose static or animated in 3 different types of positions and animations and I swear….you will sit there for ages and just smile. Along with the add on ears there are some add on makeups and such that come with the head….including cute tatts for the cute ears! I played with them all! Of course I went with freckles (the medium-ish choice…there is a “wowwwww that’s a lot of freckles” choice also), and honestly, look at how adorable the eye shadow is, it has little glittery specks in it! All in all, a win in the head department ❤

The hair, which goes perfectly with the face, is from Doe and is out at Bloom right now. The flowers come with their own HUD, so you can mix and match your colors. Bloom just opened yesterday and it is a true joy to walk through and embrace all the warm weather goodies ❤

Also quite fabulous from the Skin Fair are the nails from Aleutia.  This is a departure from them and what a great job!  This is just one type of nail from the …errrr…..10 different designs that Aleutia has over there.  Each pack comes with a HUD for changing colors on each individual nail, if desired.  I’m still a 1 for all type of girl though.  The roses on the nails are meant to be off center and are also individually controlled by the HUD.  Have a rose on all your nails or just one….go crazy! ❤

Some important things to know about the fair:

Doe – Floret Hair @  Bloom 2021 till April 3rd
LeLUTKA Evo X AVALON 3.0 Head @ Skin Fair 2021 on the North Sim till March 30th
LeLUTKA Evo X Avalon skin 002 tone
LeLUTKA Evo X BoM addons: ear tattoo 002, eye shadow 051, freckles 011, blush 012, lipstick 062
LeLUTKA Elf ears
LeLUTKA eyes, teeth
[Aleutia] Mix ‘n Match Nails Set (Rose)@ Skin Fair 2021 on the North Sim
Juna – Alessia tattoo (light) @ The Liaison Collaborative till April 10th
Asteria – Bubba Choker (soft)
.SALT – ELEA DRESS – BLUSH for The Saturday Sale
STUN Poses – Gaia 5 pose (head slightly modified)

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