Go & See for Skin Fair 2021

I have just had the best time with all the skins and makeups and heads (and on and on and on) from this years Skin Fair. The end is near, originally slated to close on the 29th, but that one wonky day last week saw the PGP peeps making the executive decision to push back closing till the end of the day on the 30th. This gives us 4 full last days to go wander and peruse. I’m still wearing the LeLUTKA Avalon head (and sooo seriously contemplating going and grabbing the other two!) because I luf it (I double luf the elf ears!) and because soooo many designers are making amazing skins for it. The skin I’m wearing today is from Go & See. Mishka is made for LeL EVO (but NOT X, so make sure you click the right button on the LeL HUD) and she is just soooo pretty! ❤

Mishka comes in a boatload of shades, and I have to tell you….I am pretty smitten with the Morbid shade! I think it may be a combination of the delicate grey tone and the name, dunno, but I like it. If you’re old enough to remember (what 11-12ish yrs. ago?) when vampires were a big thing in SL (don’t get on me about them still being a big thing…it ain’t the same) soooo many peeps were running around with flatish grey toned skin and/or looking for decent grey toned skin. Back in the day they seemed right…nowadays though…oooof. Think I’m kidding? This is a pic from March of 2009 of me and my then partner Alric. I was a vampire too but I was all about being pretty and there was no way I was going to put on grey skin (that’s my Redgrave skin, which I wore for years…seriously). And what the hell am I doing wearing a freaking cross…I wore it all the time too…I was a pretty bad vampire all around. (Don’t give me any grief about my waist…..AO’s weren’t the same back then either and I knew nothing of poses at the time…and my hair!! did I even notice that I didn’t have it on right!?!?) To get back to my original point…check out Alric’s skin. This is before the days of adding makeup…this whole face was his skin….and never once did I question if I wanted to be seen in public with him (I’d like to point out that we’re in a little chapel that was on a far corner of a sim we used to frequent, Krull (ever been?), and we hung in that chapel cause nobody else did). Vampires…hanging in a chapel (*hangs head). ❤

So these are the Go & See shades for Mishka, I put the Nude shade first (which I also luf muchly) without the shadow or lipstick, so you can see what the virgin skin looks like. But the Morbid…such a pretty tone…for you know,,,undead skin and all. Click on any individual pic to blow it up to the size of your screen. I made sure I kept the elf ears in the shot for the Satin pic so you can see that the ear tattoo that comes with the head can be easily modded for color (also, the tatts pretty cool). ❤

And of course….the tatt, hair and outfit!  All 3 are currently @ We Love Role-Play till the end of the month…so yeah…5 days!  For all you fashion critics out there, yeah I have Reign’s Audrey plats on….and they’re pink…so what. ❤

LeLUTKA EvoX AVALON 3.0 Head (w/ elf ears) @ Skin Fair 2021 on the North sim
Go & See – Mishka skin for LeL Evo @ Skin Fair 2021 on the South sim
Lilithium Eyes @ Skin Fair 2021 on the South sim
The Rotting Lab – Navier HD Shadow @ Skin Fair 2021 on the South sim
Vortex – Lashes 11.0 @ Skin Fair 2021 on the South sim
Vortex – HD Lips 11.0 @ Skin Fair 2021 on the South sim
.EscalateD. Samara / Streaks @ We Love Role-Play till March 31st
Juna – Lee tattoo, (all in 1, face, chest, arms, back) @ We Love Role-Play
The Annex – Evrim Top & Pants – Tan SHEER @ We Love Role-Play
Manifeste – Collection 1 Pose

Reign Audrey Plats – just for fun!

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