Tutti Belli for Skin Fair 2021

Ohmahgahhhhhh…how precious is this face!?!? Ya know, most of the time when I blog a skin…I do the bare skin…no extras. Today, I extra’d like a mofo. Not because the skin by Tutti Belli needed any extra…but it’s so freaking cute and I wanted to put more cute on top of it…and I acknowledge that I just don’t do makeup and accessories like lashes and such enough. So….bam….gorgeous skin to paint upon…..eyes, lashes, eye gloss, lipstick, and blush…and of course, nails by Aleutia. I changed up some of the shadows, lashes, lips and blushes for the different skin tones below (and yes, there are little bears (maybe kitticats?) in the blush!). A couple of the shots don’t have the blush on them, so you can see what the bare skin looks like. Also, you can tell I don’t edit skin shots, I forgot to click on the hair before I took a few of the pics and the corner of the eyelashes were clipping…..sue me. ❤

You can click on any of these pics to enlarge them and see more detail (and laugh about the lashes). ❤

Speaking of hair….gorgeous right!?  It’s No.Match and it’s at Bloom right now.  There are cute floaty flowers throughout and a HUD that lets you manipulate the colors.  The horns are from Apple Blossom and are also at Bloom.  They have floaty flowers too…and of course a HUD that gives you a plethora of choices in everything from heart,  pearl and flower colors to horn shade.  Too cute to pass up! ❤

LeLUTKA EvoX AVALON 3.0 Head @ Skin Fair 2021 on the North sim till March 30th
Tutti Belli – Lisa skin w/brow for LeL EVO @ Skin Fair 2021 on the North sim
Tutti Belli – Lisa shape and brow shaper @ Skin Fair 2021
ProFect – Micas eyes (LeL, BoM, and mesh) @ Skin Fair 2021 on the South sim
Jack Spoon – Parker eye gloss – nudes for LeL @ Skin Fair 2021 on the North Sim
Immortuas – Esme lashes (LeL) @ Skin Fair 2021on the North sim
Top1 Salon – HD Jo Lipstick (LeL, Genus) @ Skin Fair 2021 on the North sim
Cake Inc – Kawaii Kumi Blusher (LeL, BoM, Genus) @ Skin Fair 2021 on the North sim
Aleutia – Bombay Mix ‘n Match nail set w/ gem add on @ Skin Fair 2021 on the North sim
NO.MATCH_NO_BLOSSOM Hair @ Bloom 2021 till April 3rd
Apple Blossom Fawn Horns @ Bloom 2021
STUN Poses – Rina 2 (hands slightly modified to show nails)

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