Every love story is beautiful

Can we just spend a minute appreciating 8f8’s newest collection, Make Believe? Click on the picture and expand it….look at the gorgeousness and detail. I can’t do it justice in a mere picture to be honest, you just have to know that if it’s from 8f8, it’s spectacular in both creativity and quality. The set is all landscaping, with the exception of the photo backdrop, cleverly named “Pick your reality”. There are 19 different backgrounds to choose from…ranging from canvas to grunge to forest….each more magical than the last. I’m using the wedding backdrop since my theme was love. In my world, Mr. Broken and Ms. Daisy get married and live happily ever after…if you zoom in and see Mr. Broken is crying…those are tears of joy. ❤

With the exception of the anc swans, everything in this picture is 8f8 (make some fantasy swans iBi!). The Vintage birds and Mr. Broken are from older previous 8f8 sets and are true favorites. All of the landscaping is from the Make Believe collection, including the grass and rocks. Every piece is modifiable…so I made the backdrop smaller to better fit Mr. Broken, as well as the bouquets. All of the plants come with different color options as does the grass/rocks. Magical romantic landscaping at its best. ❤

The Make Believe set is out @ Anthem as we speak, after that you’ll be able to find it on Black Kite, 8f8’s main store sim (which is magical in it’s own right). ❤

8f8 – Make Believe – Pick Your Reality @ Anthem till April 30th
8f8 – Make Believe – Bouquet Decor DRY
8f8 – Make Believe – Bouquet Ikebanat DRY
8f8 – Make Believe – Bush LAVENDER
8f8 – Make Believe – Bush GREEN
8f8 – Make Believe – Bush DRY
8f8 – Make Believe – Bush WHITE
8f8 – Make Believe – Bush SPRING 8f8 Group Gift
8f8 – Make Believe – Pampas Grass GREEN
8f8 – Make Believe – Pampas Bush WHITE
8f8 – Make Believe – Baby’s Breath DRY
8f8 – Make Believe – Grass n’ Rocks 1 GREEN
8f8 – Make Believe – Grass n’ Rocks 2 GREEN
8f8 – Make Believe – Grass n’ Rocks 3 GREEN
8f8 – Beautiful Imperfections – Mr.Broken & Ms.Daisy
8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Miss Mom and Little Mister Sky RARE
8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Mister Aviator RARE
8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Miss Daisy
{anc} miniature/H. swan {sugar}

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