Chronicles & Legends; Seelie vs Unseelie

“Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame!”
William Butler Yeats

Get ready for some Fae excitement! Chronicles & Legends is a new quarterly event from the Enchantment peeps. Each round will have a different legendary theme….the first brings us to the Fairy Courts….Seelie vs Unseelie. Brush up on your fairy lore and decide which side you’re on! ❤

So I chose Unseelie first….simply because badass is always more fun than sweet. The outfit by Scarlet Fey is as badass as they come. It’s important to note here that the sleeves are separate and start right above the elbow. The black you see on my upper arms and hands is from the very cool Lilithe’ tattoo, which goes up the neck, over the chin and bisects the bottom lip nicely. Scroll all the way down to the face closeup to check out the details….and the eyes…the eyes are soooo interesting! ❤

The background is a field of Cerridwen’s Cauldron’s Obsidian crystal, which comes in patches of small, medium and large…so you can make it work in whatever space you have. ❤

As for the face….ohhhh the face! Glam Affair, Heaux and Tableau Vivant did a big collaboration recently. So the gorgeous face is Glam’s Jezebel, which comes with all kinds of little extra’s…like these veins. Jezebel also comes with a shape and brows, but the one I have on is my own. It’s actually not very different in the face…but the body would have taken work…and I’m too lazy. Heaux did a dark fae makeup set to go with it, I have on the eyeshadow and ear tatts….and we’re not kidding anybody…I got this for the ear tatts! You can pick these up at any of those 3 stores, I got mine at Glam since I wanted to go check out all the makeup they just did for the EvoX head. ❤

LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.0
Glam Affair – Jezebel Skin, Ivory for LeL EvoX
Glam Affair – Jezebel Veins
[Heaux] Dark Fae eyeshadow
[Heaux] EvoX Ear tattoo – Dark Fae
ARTE – Luce eyes (LeL, BoM, CATWA, Omega, Mesh) @ Chronicles & Legends till May 2nd
Shiny Stuffs – Story Time Lipstick for LeL HD Evo @ Chronicles & Legends
Lilithe’ – Shiklah tattoo (BoM)(genus, LeL, EvoX for head part)(faded, faint, fresh, worn) @ Chronicles & Legends
KMH – Hair F161 Rigged @ Chronicles & Legends
Kotolier . Circlet Lacrima (Touch to Texchange) @ Chronicles & Legends
SF:: Unseelie Armor (bodysuit) (Maitreya only) @ Chronicles & Legends
SF:: Unseelie Paldrons (shoulders) @ Chronicles & Legends
SF:: Unseelie Sleeves (duh) @ Chronicles & Legends
SF:: Unseelie Belt @ Chronicles & Legends
SF:: Unseelie Tasset (lower hip beltie thing) @ Chronicles & Legends
SF:: Unseelie Boots @ Chronicles & Legends
::Static:: Fae Embers (those thingies floating around me) @ Chronicles & Legends
[AERTH] Stellaris Staff Unseelie (On Back) @ Chronicles & Legends
[CC] Crystal Groundcover 1- Small and Large Scales, Obsidian @ Chronicles & Legends
[CC] Crystal Outcropping 2- Medium Scales, Obsidian @ Chronicles & Legends
Del May – never pose (head modified upwards)

Chronicles & Legends_ Seelie VS Unseelie April 10th

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