You….and what army?

Mhmmm…back to the badass fae… better known as the Unseelie.  Chronicles and Legends is packing in all manner of peeps that have chosen Seelie or Unseelie and are looking for the perfect accessory.  You can’t go wrong with wings.  Yeah, everybody makes pretty wings….and don’t get me wrong, I like them.  I’m all about wings.  Big wings, little wings, delicate, frayed, sparkly, broken….I love them all.  I do hold a special place for wings on the darker side (and I’m not referring to color) so I was instantly in lust for these Touch of Darkness wings from Quills and Curiosities.  They’re out at the Chronicles event as we speak and they are spectacular.  They are actually made up of two layers of wings, the front set smaller than the back set and are perfectly broken in…like they’ve seen a fight or two.  They come with a texture HUD that gives you 10 color choices for both sets….so you could have black wings in the back and dark blue in the front.  Wayyyyyy too much fun! ❤

The beauty of a theme like this is that you can pop over to We Love Role-Play and find more accoutrements for your look.  Tell me this headpiece by Pendulum isn’t magnificent!?  Fair warning disclosure #1 though….there are no ear holes, the sides are solid….I just really really liked the way my elf ears looked with it.  Then there’s the face.  The skin is by Poema….don’t you just love her stuff!?  She has 4 fantasy shades at We<3RP this round….I’m wearing the pearly gray shade.  So….fair warning disclosure #2…I’m wearing a blue face light in the main picture.  The face tattoo is by Nefekalum (I loooove their tatts) and if you’ve ever bought one, you know that they always come with colored projectors….the blue one is my favorite…it is the perfect tone and really shows off the materials on the tatts and puts a great shine on everything.  I don’t want you to think that the Poema skin has a bluish shade to it (the 4 at the event come in pink, purple, green and pearl gray), the picture below was taken with no face lights or fancy schmancy lighting and it is clearly beautiful as is.  The skin comes with or w/o brows, I chose brows since I really liked the way they looked.  The Nef tatt comes with 8 different color variations, this is the silvery/white/black (#7) tone.  The cool dotty body tattoo is from Juna and is tintable.  All of these goodies are at We<3RP till the end of the month. ❤

Lastly…the nipple shields and the badass hands are from DRD and just make me so happy. ❤

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