The Queen holds court

After covering some fun Unseelie goodies from Chronicles & Legends yesterday, I figured it was only fair to do some Seelie cuteness today. The adorable dress is from Aisha, where….coincidentally… my little pixie avatar is from. Pixie is my go-to avie for anything fantasy related and is usually how you will see me in the next few weeks as Fantasy Fair descends upon us (with no hair, no shoes, no attachments except for a fairy ao….she has zilcho impact) ❤

Anyway, about the outfit. The Aisha dress is perfect and comes with a bracer for the right arm and leg greaves (more commonly referred to as leg thingies). The wings are so freaking dainty and delicate and have a HUD to switch up the textures. ❤

The crown just makes me happy, as do the adorable ear cuffs.  You can see some of the Tableau Vivant hairbase with this ‘do from monso.  The hairbase is a group gift right now and comes in all the important hair shades. ❤

The ponytail from monso is at C88 right now and was perfect for this outfit….it falls perfectly between the wings! ❤

[monso] Roseanne Hair @ Collabor88 till May 6th
LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.0, elf ears and elf ears tattoo (tinted)
Glam Affair – Jezebel skin, Ivory, freckles, blush, eyeliner, lipgloss
Tableau Vivant – LeL EvoX Hairbase (group gift)
Carol G – Lila tattoo, henna, 50% from a weekend sale (for THIS weekend…gooo!)
-Sorumin- Elf harmony CROWN @ Chronicles & Legends; Seelie vs Unseelie till May 2nd
Carpe Noctem. “Butterfly Fae” Ear Cuffs @ Chronicles & Legends
.AiShA. Elva Dress, brown @ Chronicles & Legends
.AiShA. Elva Bracer, brown @ Chronicles & Legends
.AiShA. Elva leg greaves, brown @ Chronicles & Legends
CELESTE – Seelie Bento Wings @ Chronicles & Legends
Boudoir – Giant Mushroom Chair @ Chronicles & Legends
Boudoir – Giant Fungus Chair @ Chronicles & Legends
Boudoir – Mushrooms 1, 2, & 3 @ Chronicles & Legends
Raindale – Lillybell linked scene @ Chronicles & Legends
Raindale – Lillybell flower 1 @ Chronicles & Legends
Raindale – Lillybell mushrooms (chair) @ Chronicles & Legends
HEXtrordinary Sleeping Nesting – RARE Sprite
HEXtraordinary Sleeping Flower Sprite
HEXtraordinary Shoulder Dragon – Emerald
HEXtraordinary Shoulder Dragon – Sapphire
{Your Dreams} Enchanted Frog – Kiss -me
{Your Dreams} Enchanted Frog – Thinker

AiShA – Wood Pixie Avatar

Both sitting poses comes from the mushroom chair animations (the Queens is slightly modded in the arm and leg)

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