J’adoube @ Fantasy Faire 2021

J’adoube. Some believe it may have been where giants played, or a lost civilization was built to worship the game. From its cascading fountains and chess box stores, to the massive sunken chessboard in its center made of puzzle pieces, your imagination builds. Now it is your move to decide what J’adoube is to you.

J’adoube by Sharni Azalee, sponsored by The Looking Glass for Fantasy Faire 2021

My search for shenanigans at the Fantasy Faire took me to J’adoube today. A fantastical sim built by Sharni Azalee of The Looking Glass. I’m not gonna lie, I had to look up what J’adoube meant (2 years of French in college and all I can do is ask where a bathroom is). It means “I adjust”, it’s used in chess when adjusting a piece without intending to move it. Clearly the butterflys that inhabit J’adoube didn’t get that, as they are boldly absconding with various chess pieces. ❤

I’m adorable…right!? My avie is a classy ass paper doll that I picked up in J’adoube at Paper Friends. As the name suggests, this is what they make….freaking adorable paper doll avies. They have zombies and hippies and even a “Karen” wearing a tshirt asking to see the manager!! Best 250L EVER! (I put the link directly to the store down below so you’s have to scroll through the pics!) ❤

You’ll also notice that the sim is populated by fairies….doing fairy things…and a bunny or 5.  There are also nice little places to just sit and take in the scenery (or take a nap). ❤

I never get tired of this…..no matter where you are in Fantasy Faire…no matter what time of the day or night….if you stand in one spot for at least 5 minutes you will see the most interesting “people” pass by.  Seriously….a winged guy flying by on a Pegasus….redundant yet awesome! ,3

Paper Friends – paper avatar @ J’adoube for Fantasy Faire 2021 (this link goes straight to Paper Friends store)

Now….pouvez-vous me dire où se trouve une salle de bain s’il vous plaît?


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