Scrimshaw Warrens for Fantasy Faire 2021

Far below the snowy forests, remains of an ancient power lie hidden in the ice caverns of the yetis. Unravel the mystery of the runes and reveal the story of an epic battle. Learn of the creatures who remain behind and what they guard lest their felled foe rise again. Explore the frigid warrens, find lost treasures, and become part of an epic tale.

Scrimshaw Warrens by Lrriven, sponsored by Aleutia

“My, what big teeth you have!”

To wander Scrimshaw Warrens is to surely get lost in the maze of ice bridges in the underground cavern…not that that’s a horrible thing. It is a wondrous place to be sure and whether you are above ground exploring the snowy landscape…..

Or below in the warrens meandering through the bones….

You are sure to find tucked away places, like these little tunnels that take you….hmmmm….somewhere……

The drum playing yeti’s that you see in the pics are available through RFL vendors (which means 100% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society) @ the Rivendale store in Scrimshaw Warrens for only 250L (you know you want one)! ❤

The outfit is a mix of goodies from the Faire, from The current round of The Liaison Collaborative and from the weekend sales.  Aleutia is the sponsor of Scrimshaw Warrens, so it’s only proper that I wander in her spectacular tribal bindi!  Several things about my makeup…..I have 2 layers of eyeshadow on from Poema…the green and the dk. blue….I was trying out the colors and happened upon this combo….it’s subtle that both colors are on, but I really like that!  The lipstick from Poema comes in pink and red shades and also has a tintable shade…which I used to my unending happiness to make this violet color.  I also have 2 shades on my ear tints from Heaux…I love how the combo looks!  My hairbase is the LeL #21 that comes in a folder with the Avalon head and I have tinted it to match the cute hair from KMH. I tinted LeL’s brows too to kinda match…..I love tinting! ❤

The dress is Psycho Barbie and is available for a song for the weekend sales right now. Those straps on my legs are actually part of the panties that come with the dress! ❤

LeLutka EvoX AVALON 3.0 Head
LeL Hairbase #21, tinted
LeL Brows 01 that come w/ Avalon, tinted
LeL freckles from the extra’s folder
Glam Affair – Jezebel skin in Ivory for LeL EvoX
Heaux – Fantasy ear tint for LeL EvoX Elf Ears, (BoM) gold and lilac layered (from a previous weekend sale)
Avi Glam – Sunshine Eyes (mesh) from a previous weekend sale
Shiny Stuffs – Floofy lash appliers for LeL Evo @ The Liaison Collaborative till May 10th
Poema – Subtle Eyeshadow, (BoM) green underneath, dk. blue on top @ The Liaison Collaborative
Poema – Tamar Lips (BoM) tinted @ The Liaison Collaborative
Bliensen + MaiTai – Printemps – gold – Flower hoop Earrings @ The Liaison Collaborative
RAWR! Moonchild Elf Earstuds for EvoX from a current weekend sale
KMH – Hair F163, RFL Edition @ J’adoube for Fantasy Faire 2021
[Aleutia] Shuri Tribal Bindi (Gold) @ Scrimshaw Warrens for Fantasy Faire 2021 till May 9th
OAL Anemone Crown on Valhalla for Fantasy Faire 2021
OAL Anemone Collar on Valhalla for Fantasy Faire 2021
Nefekalum Tattoos – Archer tattoo on Somniatoris Arx for Fantasy Faire 2021
FAS – Bento Fairy Wings (with an awesome bento animation HUD!) on The Wandering Woods for Fantasy Faire 2021
+Psycho Barbie+ [Aura Long Dress] from a current weekend sale
STUN Poses – Ruby 6 pose from a previous weekend sale

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