Every Summer has a story

My Summer story has started with a beach and will probably end with me telling a kid for the umpteenth time to wash off the sand before coming inside (because there isn’t a housekeeper in this story….dammit). I’ve very lucky to have friends and family that either live along the coast or have a vacation rental/condo on said coast (Gulf). We’ve started out in Bay St. Louis (Ms), will move onto Gulf Shores (Al) and end up in Clearwater (Fl) over the next 10 weeks. Then school starts up again and real life intrudes. Till then though….it’s still a “no pants” Summer! ❤

I figure since I’m spending my days on a beach (or on a patio/balcony/porch by the beach) in RL, I’d work on my beach in Sl when I’m on. I’ve really been slacking with the redo and nobody else is jumping up begging me to let them do it. This pic was taken on the northern most section of the beach (where my friend Gregger used to have his yacht). The little house in the background is one of my neighbors. It’s actually not that close, it just looks that way from the zoom feature. When I inspected it and then went to the store it came from I was pleasantly surprised to find that it comes fully furnished and is only 50L! The rocky shoreline (by Skye) is my northern boundary and current project (come visit and snicker at my snail-like progress). ❤

Aleutia’s adorable, perfect for Summer outfit is out at FaMESHed right now. Shae is rigged for Maitreya/Petite/Legacy/Perky/Kupra, and is sold separately, with 16 singles and a patterns pack for each piece. As always, the fatpack includes 20 bonus colours. (Yep, copied that right off of their sales blurb in Flickr) ❤

Everybody’s probably wearing Victoria, the newest ‘do by Doux, available at the Level event right now…if not, they’re one of the billion peeps standing around the vendor buying it or trying to get in to buy it. My face is Le Forme’s Kaya. I picked her up at a weekend sale a few weeks ago and I just love her! The freckles make me so happy. Feel free to click on the picture to enlarge it….check that cute nose out! ❤

DOUX – Victoria Hairstyle @ Level till June 24th
LeForme – Kaya for LeL Evo (not X) in caramel
[Aleutia] Shae Top @ FaMESHed till June 27th
[Aleutia] Shae Skirt @ FaMESHed
Carol G. – Fari Tattoo in henna (50%)
Skye Rocky Shore Collection (see it here, but buy it on the mp!)
STUN Poses – Doja 4 pose

Maya’s Architecture – Costa beach house (comes fully furnished for only 50L!!)

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