Heading to Vintage Fair 2021

Get ready to roll into the decades!  Vintage Fair 2021 is right around the corner and some decade lovin is going to be in order.  Who doesn’t want to go around in a smexy stewardess getup from the 60’s, right down to the gogo boots!?  Fair warning…there’s a healthy amount of butt showing from the back (you can see the hem starting to hike up on the side)….pretty sure that wasn’t TWA standard regulation…even for the 60’s. ❤

So, it’s a few days out and you want to see what’s going to be there? Yayyyyy…there’s a shopping guide in the making! Now this is a dynamic guide, so check back often for new vendor pics and start making that list!

Pale Girl Productions

Vintage Fair 2021 Shopping Guide

Important things to remember:
1) The pGp update group is currently open.
2) The pGp update group (and sponsor and partner groups) will have a 24 hour early access to the event
3) To join the pGp update group, paste the following into your browser: secondlife:///app/group/8f19c626-ea55-d4af-bbf8-a9f143d3743d/about
3) Complexity limits of 100,000 will be enforced on the sims for the first weekend.


KMH Hair F112 Hair (from a previous Vintage Fair!)
LeLutka EvoX AVALON 3.0
Velour – Carla skin for EvoX in rose kiss tone from a weekend sale
Absinthe! Sedgwick – Eyeshadow for LeL HD coming to Vintage Fair 2021 on Friday, June 11th @ Noon
Shiny Stuffs – LeL Mod Pastel Kisses HD Lipstick for EVO (toned down a little with the LeL HUD for a more pale look) coming to Vintage Fair 2021
cakebatter / fly me stewardess dress / orange / coming to Vintage Fair 2021
cakebatter / fly me gacha #12 – stewardess hat uncommon coming to Vintage Fair 2021
cakebatter / fly me gacha #5 – Boots Orange uncommon coming to Vintage Fair 2021
Pose is STUN Gaia 6 (curve), but I modded it to hell and back so it’s nearly unrecognizable

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