Analog Dog for Hair Fair 2021

Analog Dog – asha – mix @ Hair Fair 2021 on the Noirette Sim till the 4th of July
Rainbow Sundae Luna’s Adornment (forehead jewel) @ We Love Role-Play till June 30th
ARTE – Nordic Blue eyes @ The Liaison Collaborative till July 10th
VENGE – Watermelon Sugar nails @ The Liaison Collaborative
LeLUTKA EvoX AVALON 3.0 w/ EvoX lip piercing
KOONZ – Kate skin in pale tone for lel EvoX from a weekend sale
KOONZ – Yummy lips (pink color toned down w/ HD slider on EvoX HUD) from a weekend sale
:Dernier: “Anzu” Choker – Chromatic from a weekend sale
Psycho Barbie – Oracle dress

Pose started out as one thing, then got modded five ways to Sunday, if ya know what I mean 🙂

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