Just add water

Just in time for the perfect beach setup…..8f8’s newest collection, Just add water (this may be my new Summer mantra). With the spectacular workmanship and unrivaled quality that we have all come to know with anything from 8f8, it is no surprise that it’s just hard to do the collection justice in pictures…..it’d definitely a must see….must have. All of the pieces are sold separately or as a set (the entire collection, or fatpack, is L1,650). You can grab this @ Summerfest till July 11th, but honestly…you need it now. One reason why? The trees come with/without cicada sounds, I’ve had them on all morning and it just makes me happy (they are also NOT at a jillion decibels…that helps appreciate the sound!) ❤

8f8’s just add water collection @ Summerfest ’21 till July 11th
8f8 – just add water – the island
8f8 – just add water – pine trees (5 types w and w/o cicada sounds)
8f8 – just add water – little pines ( 2 different, w or w/o stones and cicada sounds)
8f8 – just add water – hers beach lounge (w/animations and texture change on hat, towel, and chair)
8f8 – just add water – her flips (w/ texture change)
8f8 – just add water – his beach lounge (w/ animations and texture change for towel and chair)
8f8 – just add water – his flops (w/ texture change)
8f8 – just add water – treasure boxes (open (texture change on inner fabric) and closed)
8f8 – just add water – destination guide – Group Gift! (glasses have texture change)
8f8 – inside the story – boat (from the Inside the Story collection that was in a wayyy old event!)

8f8 - just add water - Collection_2048

8f8 - just add water - Destination Guide GG_2048

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