I absolutely love this snooty face by RAHRA/Poema! I feel like I’m judging everyone and they’re all below my station…and I talk like Zsa Zsa Gabor at her snootiest. And ohhhh…maybe I just poisoned my 5th rich husband and I’m shopping for no. 6! In any case, I’m wearing just the skin… no extra makeup or filters… along with the brow and shape that comes with….soooooo snooty. ❤

Exile – Something Wicked Hair
Rahra by Poema – Zilia skin for LeL EvoX in milk tone, Zilia shape & brow @ The Liaison Collaborative till October 10th
[Heartsdale Jewellery] La boheme Choker, necklace & earrings
Hotdog – Morbid Manteaux . Dalmatian
Manifeste – Editorial 20 Pose

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