Out of sight

8f8…..*sigh. The newest collection is called Out of sight and is just so perfectly crafted. Tucked under a hillside is the perfect getaway. Choose to show the inside or make it more hidden by covering up with the hanging ivy. The inside is actually pretty spacious, those bamboo plants along the wall are average people height, so you can get a good bit of comfort in there or be a minimalist….all you. ❤

Also, I’ve used some pieces from other 8f8 collections and italicized the name of those collections should you want to go to Black Kite and look for them. ❤

8f8 – Out of Sight – Shelter @ Anthem till Sept. 30th
8f8 – Out of Sight – Ivy Type 1 – SPRING @ Anthem
8f8 – Out of Sight – Ivy Type 1 – EARLY AUTUMN @ Anthem
8f8 – Out of Sight – Grass – Summer @ Anthem
8f8 – Out of Sight – Fern CLUSTER – SUMMER @ Anthem
8f8Bali – LOVE Seat
8f8Bali – LONE Seat
8f8Bali – TABLE
8f8 Bali – BAMBOO
13_8f8 Art of Nature – Long Rest
25_8f8Art of Nature – Red Osier Dogwood WOOD
8f8just add water – Pine Trees
17_8f8New Beginnings – Geese
19_8f8New Beginnings – Baby Geese
02_8f8Written in the Stars – Stargazer

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