Just slip a sable under the tree for me

Santa baby, just slip a Sable under the tree for me
Been an awful good girl
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight

Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt

I’m feeling all richy rich with my sales goodies, so the classy stuff from Tannenbaum and Heartsdale seemed perfect for a pic…and that song (nobody does it better than Eartha)! ❤

Sooo many sales going on for Black Friday! Most of them run through the weekend…thank heavens since you have to be patient getting in some of the stores. Hitting that tp button waiting for the all clear is like those hundreds of people before the crack of dawn waiting for the doors to open at WalMart to get that 100$ big screen (I know, that’s soooo 5 minutes ago, now you can get it on the app AND have it delivered). Make a funny shot though…everybody fighting to get through the doors. Also, somebody should make a crazed group of shoppers pose… fighting over a a scarf or a toy or something. ❤

Anyhooo…I racked up at several stores yesterday. My favorite so far is Lara Hurley. I honestly wondered if I’d ever find a face I love as much as my Gem, but then I tried on Cia (and Ava, and Melodie, and some others). Lookit that gorgeous face….with no enhancements or extra makeup!! I got her in midtone, although Lara is now branching out her new skins to include some Velour shades so you can get all matchy matchy with those body skins. I wear rosekiss in Velour and naturally that tone wasn’t available for the 3 skins I chose, but it’s cool since I really love the midtone shade (I’m not kidding anybody, I’m going back for Lola and she IS available in rosekiss!). So here’s the thing, the sale is sponsored by Skin Addiction (the group is FREE to join right there in the store) and you have to be wearing that tag to get the 50% off (NOT your Lara Hurley tag)…and it’s not all of the skins, just a selection…but guess what…350L for a fabulous skin…yes please. ❤

Also, the big talk is in all the social medias and groups so you probably won’t be surprised, but Doux (and L’Etre skins) are 30% off everything…..including the brand new stuff out in events as we speak. That’s how I got Bellami…went to Equal10, pushed my camera past the idiots who stand right in front of the vendors (far farsightedness is not a thing is SL people…back away) and snatched her up. Then I went to Kustom9 and Dubai and repeated. Here’s the math….the basic fat pack normally costs 350L, but you get 105 back so you’re only paying 245 for it. The Deluxe HUD normally costs 150 but you get 45 back, so you’re only paying 105. You know you almost always get the deluxe HUD, so both together for a glorious ‘do is gonna run you 350L….so really it’s like getting the deluxe HUD freeeeeee….AND it’s ALL the colors…beat that! ❤

My other big spending spree yesterday was at ChicChica….queen of the quality holdables. 50% off everything….so most were in the 100 – 200L range (and that including the super nice dispensers…so you get decor AND an awesome holdable). I’m now doubting myself for not getting a cake holdable and will be popping back over, cause you know, you always need cake). ❤

I haven’t tried getting into LeLUTKA yet, but they have 3 extra sims just for grabbing a head (that sounds soooo nasty) and I think I’ve talked myself into the newest. So here’s the sale sims (good luck):

main sim Sale sim 2 Sale sim 3 Sale sim 4

Now to work on the rest of my massive list (looking at you Avi-Glam)!

LeLUTKA – EvoX AVALON 3.1 (massive Black Friday sale…every head 50% off and 3 extra sims!)
Doux – Bellami Hair @ Equal10 till Dec. 5th (30% off for Black Friday sale…even the new hair out @ events!!)
Lara Hurley – Cia face in midtone w/brows (50% off for Black Friday sale if you’re wearing your Skin Addiction group tag….free to join!)
Avi-Glam – Frost eyes @ Tannenbaum till Dec. 25th
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Met Gala Black Cord Necklace and earrings @ UBER till Nov. 22nd
[Glitzz] Fur Stole @ Tannenbaum till Dec. 25th
NaaNaa’s Winter Warmers (gloves) @ Tannenbaum till Dec. 25th
Aleutia – Pippa tank top @ eBody till Dec. 10th (50% off giftcards for Black Friday sale)
:::ChicChica::: Dazzled Margarita (50% off for Black Friday sale)
STUN – Sailor 5 pose, right hand modified due to holdable

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