Shopping frenzy

I know, I’m only holding 1 package…and it’s for me, hardly a frenzy….BUT…it’s gonna be a frenzy. Just as soon as I get a few more things for me, bring them home to try on, have a celebratory drink for wise choices…maybe a piece of cake. THEN the frenzy begins. After the obligatory nap of course. Many stores are still holding their Black Friday sales today and some till the end of tomorrow…..don’t procrastinate! ❤

LeLUTKA – EvoX AVALON 3.1 (all heads 50% off)
Lara Hurley – Cia face in midtone (select faces 50% off with Skin Addiction tag on)
Avi-Glam – frost eyes @ Tannenbaum till Dec. 25th (store-wide 50% off)
Alme – Winter Stars ballerina nails @ Tannenbaum
{Limerence} Hadley hair with hat @ Tannenbaum
Oddysee – Sweet dress @ Tannenbaum
Clef de Peau – Biba Purse @ Tannenbaum
Heartsdale Jewellery – Anais necklace
:::ChicChica::: Gift box holdable (store-wide 50% off)
Synnergy//Saks Window Display Backdrop @ The Liaison Collaborative till Dec. 10th
KraftWork Festive Street Light . Double @ The Liaison Collaborative
KraftWork Festive Street Lights . Single @ The Liaison Collaborative

Yeah, there was a pose…then I put the 2 holdables on and it’s no longer recognizable…but hey, it kept me still!

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