Kaya and the 12 Days of Christmas

Surely by now you’ve heard of the 2 free EvoX heads that LeLUTKA’s giving away, one female and 1 male. Kaya is the female and here is my version of her….so far. It’s always hard for me to change heads (what must that sound like outside of SL!?) but I have seen nothing short of gorgeous in everyone else’s versions. I haven’t gone outside of the LeLu folder yet, I am just wearing the head, one of the default skins from the folder, the brow shape and body shape…as well as the HD brows and eyes in the HUD…no makeup whatsoever. The only modifications I’ve done so far with the head is making the eyes bigger and somewhat wider. No filters, special lighting. post production editing…nada…just Kaya. ❤

I went to every store on the 12 Days of Christmas list and got everythinnnnnnng. I’m putting on the Lara Hurley skin next and then maybe….hrmmmm….fix up the old malt with the Logan head (there are some nice guy skins in that list!)…stay tuned! ❤

Check out Seraphim for the list, pics and lm’s! Important point….don’t go to the main LeLUTKA sim for the head, they’re not there. go to one of the 3 gift sims they have set up for just this purpose! ❤

LeLUTKA EvoX KAYA 3.1 – FREEEEE till Dec. 25th!!! LeLu gift sim 1
LeLUTKA Kaya EvoX face 004, brow shape and default Kaya shape, HUD eyes and HD eyebrows, HUD lip piercing
DOUX – Morning Hairstyle @ Equal 10 till Jan. 5th
[ rise Design ] Rothenburg Necklace and Earrings @ The Liaison Collaborative till Jan. 10th
Glitzz – Woke up Lingerie, 25L advent goodie under the tree!

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