Lara Hurley and the 12 Days of Christmas

Among the outstanding designers participating in the 12 Days of Christmas with LeLUTKA are 2 SL household names, Lara Hurley and Avi-Glam. Lara’s Dani skin comes in the midtone and pale shades and Avi-Glams eyes come in lavender, green and brown….and it’s allll freeeee…just wear your group tags and grab them up by Saturday. There’s no makeup, extra’s or editing going on here…those freckles and blush are part of Dani’s skin and yep, those lavender eyes are gorgeous! ❤

I’m still wearing the default Kaya shape that comes with LeLUTKA’s Kaya head cause I just reallly like it. ❤

Doux/L’etre had a holiday party over the weekend with some amazing music and yayyyyy….there was a gifty under the tree! Can you guess what it was? Anyhoo, the party wasn’t at the store, it was on a platform somewhere…that’s where the tree is. No promises on how long it’s gonna be available or if it’ll wind up at the main store. Check out the holiday party LM and go see if it’s still there! ❤

Wanna see what else is free for the 12 Days of Christmas!? Check out the Seraphim page for pics and LM’s! ❤

DOUX – Snowflake Queen Hairstyle – Free group gift from holiday party site under the tree (maybe only there for the next day or so, no promises)
LeLUTKA EvoX KAYA 3.1 – FREE till Saturday! Gift sim #1
Lara Hurley – Dani skin (comes in midtone and pale) FREE for the 12 Days of Christmas (till Saturday)
Avi-Glam – Nice eyes (comes in lavender, green and brown) FREE for the 12 Days of Christmas (till Saturday)
Heartsdale Jewellery – Christmas pearls necklace and earrings
[Glitzz] Yrielle Dress – Green, 25L advent goodie under the tree!
Manifeste – Model 867 pose (store seems to have disappeared!?)

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