They sit…they wait. They think the magic portal just flickered a little so they peer in closer to see if they can make out anything…but no…still solid when they tap on it. They check the time…they eat snackies and talk about the friends they’ll see on the other side….they tell stories about giants and mermaids and horsies with wings… and they wait some more. Anticipation.

Fantasy Faire 2022 pulls back the magical veil between the worlds and throws open the gates to all manner of visitors this Thursday….it’s just not soon enough for everybody!

Until then, follow all the goings on from the website

.AiShA. Wood Pixie
Bliensen + MaiTai – Uthgar, Fafnir, and Vigdis – Dragonbabies (hold and/or rez!) coming to Fantasy Fair 2022 this Thursday!
Simply Shelby – Garden Fairies coming to Fantasy Fair 2022
Dreamland Designs – Fantasy Moon Gate coming to Fantasy Fair 2022
Del May – Let me out pose (store closed)

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