Looking for a fantasy?

She just stood there staring at you. You look lost…or unsure…maybe scared. You smell scared…she likes that smell. Were the ears off-putting…maybe the wings…perhaps the bones hanging from her hips that your eyes keep wandering to? Poor guy..wandered into the mystical wood in search of adventure. She’d seen fantasy newbs before…they know (or think) they want something different…they’re just not sure what kind of different…or even what different IS. She was going to give it to the count of 10…then she was just going to take it upon herself to give you an adventure. Get your mind out of the gutter now….her idea of foreplay would be setting her tiny but fierce baby owl after you and as you’re running in terror she’d throw the orb to take you down. If you live through that and Tiny thinks you taste good….then maybe you’ll get a real adventure *wink*

Fantasy Faire’s been open a bit over a week now and if you haven’t gone to any one of the 20 sims (right!?)…well….wherever have you been!? You want some fantasy? Here’s the place for it…shop, hunt, explore, people watch, role-play…you name it…if it’s fantasy oriented it’s here till May 8th.

Peruse the Fantasy Faire website…it has more info than you can absorb in one take. Check out the shopping guide and make a list (use this page on the website to tp directly to any store!)…just make sure you jot down which sim (cause, you know….20) you have to go to…and be prepared to spend some time. The walking (or flying) around is half the enjoyment. 🙂

By the way, I tested the links…they go straight outside of the actual store! ❤

Lara Hurley – Cia skin in midtone
Shiny Stuffs – EvoX Drama Queen shadow @ The Liaison Collaborative till May 10th
Banana Banshee – Gretchen eyes @ Fantasy Fair 2022 till May 8th (on Doriath sim)
Schelm – Princess Wire Ear Cuffs and Crystal Earrings, Fantasy tone @ Fantasy Fair 2022 (on Chrysalis Gardens sim)
KMH – Hair F195 Rigged @ Fantasy Fair 2022 (on Bassett Town sim)
.[ KUMIHO ]. Ambrose Choker @ Fantasy Fair 2022 (on Tenpyo sim)
Nefekalum – Dappled RFL body tattoo @ Fantasy Fair 2022 (on Bassett Town sim)
Belle Epoque – Ayla – Top, skirt and armbands @ Fantasy Fair 2022 (on Living echos sim)
BMe – Mechanical Copper Wings @ Fantasy Fair 2022 (on Chrysalis Gardens sim)
CKF_animesh Barn Owl Shoulder Pet, Little @ Fantasy Fair 2022 (on Necturn Moon sim)
Jinx : Necturn Moon Hand Orb – Honey (w/tossing animation) @ Fantasy Fair 2022 (on Necturn Moon sim)
~Lantian/Flox~Sakura Cherry Tree, Purple (w/petals) @ Fantasy Fair 2022 (on Chrysalis Gardens sim)
*no pose, just standing there tossing the orb…watching

Fantasy Faire 2022 _ Square Poster 512

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