Decisions Decisions

I have a new event to add to my list of “don’t miss this”.  Xiasumi School Festival opened yesterday and holy cow….the list of designers is astounding.  Not only is this top notch shopping, but donations are being taken up for Save the Children: Japan Tsunami Relief….win win!  This charity dedicates their resources, time, and money to… Read More Decisions Decisions

Autumn Harvest

Seems like everybody’s having a birthday lately (mine’s in November…heads up).  The Season’s Story is 1 year old…seems longer doesn’t it?  If you haven’t made it in yet, keep trying…there are all kinds of free birthday goodies from the designers to scoop up.  Kustom9 is also the big 1 this month and also has some… Read More Autumn Harvest

The Candy Bar

Well who doesn’t love candy?  When I first saw the name of this set from Sari-Sari, I thought maybe it was a giant candy bar or something…ya know…with poses.  But it’s an actual Candy “Bar”….like…3 mice walk up to the bar and order a chocolatini (yummmm) kinda Bar.  (Sorry, I made that up, I don’t… Read More The Candy Bar


  With 3 themes to pick from in the upcoming FGC…I think I have to say the Asian is my favorite.  I love the colors, the feel, the play of soft and hard at the same time.  I also love the versatility.  Axix has come out with the Mushu collection; a necklace, chest belt, headband… Read More Mushu