Eye candy

Eye candy

It had stopped raining and I was standing on the dock shaking off the wet and generally staring at myself (don’t judge, you know you do it). I was debating on a clothing change when I glanced over and saw this…..a beautiful man sitting on a boat…contemplating life. He was gracious enough to sit still (no small feat for him) while I took his picture. I played with it in PicMonkey (Photoshop slacker here) but in the end went back to almost the original….he was just too pretty to mess with 🙂

for anyone who’s curious:
Darth is sitting on his old red motorboat from Tuff (it is drivable…although you’d never know it the way Darth crashes it every 10 seconds)

Location: Darth’s lake at LennonParkOnTheRock

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