Cowboy plays the blues

Cowboy plays the blues

I know right!? Holy crap, what is it about a man in a cowboy hat?? Makes your knees go weak and all resolve takes a powder. I had been at Elvis’ show (awesome sauce!) and I was 2 seconds from going to bed when I got the notice saying Ben was getting ready to take the stream at The Crossroads….and I figured…ehh…couple minutes..then I’ll go to bed….pffft. Its not enough that he’s freaking hot (and the hat….I mentioned the hat?)…then he starts to talk….hot man voice. He’s from my neck of the woods so I may be somewhat biased on the voice thing. Anyways….The Crossroads is a blues club….way popular…and Ben DJ’s there. Not only does he have a ridiculous amount of excellent eclectic music…but damn…he knows something about every song and artist and keeps a running commentary. Before I knew it…I was rubbing my eyes and noticing that two hours had gone by! That’s how it is when you’re having fun…but damn….a girl needs her beauty sleep!

Location: The Crossroads

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