Hair Fair!

winning hair fair pic

I know, I know…Hair Fair’s been going on a week now….but I went to the beach last weekend and have been lazier than usual. Anyway….I had entered the pic contest….had to be themed around a movie (and hair of course) and my Red Riding Hood entry won a runner-up spot! Go me!! It’s on display throughout the Fair with the other winners. I also got early entry into the Fair, so I’m dead broke now…but damn my hair looks gooood. All 50 or so of them. The hair I’m wearing to take the pic is the new D!va hair from Collabo88. D!va is becoming one of my favorite brands with all the soft whispies and such. The hair I used in the pic for Red is Magika’s Wait….pretty alone…but perfect for a hat or hood.

If you hadn’t looked at the Hair Fair contest Flickr, you should! So many great ideas! I made notes of all the hair I liked and went and got them…with the exception of 2 from Elikatira…Abbey and Looking. Elikapeka Tiramisu, the designer, had a retirement sale before summer and is now on hiatus…no store, no marketplace sales, nothing. Am I the only chick without Looking!? Cause now, of course, everywhere I look I see pics of avies wearing it….its making me crazy!

And just because I’m here….that pic I took for Red? I shot it at LennonParkOnTheRock and the owner of the sim, Darth Kline, was nice enough to drag his werewolf avie on and stand around for an hour or so looking menacing while I figured out what I wanted. I liken it to moving furniture….a little more to the left…no, the left…your other left…okay, no, a bit to the right and forward just a smidge…wait…go back to where you were…lemme look at it again. And we’re still friends 🙂



Hair Fair 2013

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